Daleks are the mutated remains of the once great race Kaleds, who lived on the planet Skaro. They fought the Time Lords in The Last Great Time War. They call The Doctor the Oncoming Storm and they are the only aliens The Doctor is really scared of. He has met them many times and each time they become more deadly. They are hated and feared throughout the universe, and they always find a way to survive.


The Daleks were created by the evil, mutated scientist Davros, who was also a Kaled. He took the remains of what his people had become, built a life surport system and put them into this armour. From that day on, the Daleks were born.


The armour of a Dalek is made from a special type of Dalek metal. The suit has many special features:

The bottom of the armour is a big metal plate that allows it to move. When the Daleks were first born, because it didn't have legs, running up stairs would help to escape. Now, however, Daleks can now use this plate to hover. They are also seen to hover in space, in any direction.

Moving up, many golden balls can be seen. These balls are for decoration, but it was seen in DW: Dalek that these are a self-destruction item. Very few Daleks have used this.

The centre of the Dalek is the weapons section. On the left is a laser gun. It fires a pulse beam that shows you the skeleton of whoever is been attacked (as they cry out in pain) and then they fall dead. It never misses, and it wll always kill you. On the right is the sucker arm. This is used to overide codes, suck information out of a persons head (killing them) and to kill.

The eye piece is what a Dalek looks out of, in a blue colour.

There is a force-field outside the Dalek that you can't see. It destorys bullets and is a protection field.