The Doctor finds himself in a sticky situation. Rose has just returned, but as she came thru a parallel universe, she has ripped a hole in the universe letting the Daleks back thru the Void (TV: Doomsday). As the Dalek master, Davros is planning to destroy any universes, including parallel universes and the Void (TV: Army of Ghosts) but Donna has looked into the Doctor's hand. As she absorbs the Time Lord energy, she creates a duplicate Doctor and grows another heart to remain herself as a Human-Time Lord. As of Donna's new species, she has the Doctor's mind, and she causes the Daleks to self-destruct, leaving every universe safe... for now (TV: Journey's End).

Doctor: 10th

Companion(s): Donna

Featuring: Jack, Martha, Rose, Jackie, Mickey, Gwen, Ianto, Harriet, Luke, Sarah-Jane Smith, Mr. Smith, Wilfred, Sylvia.