The Weeping Angels are a species of winged humanoids from the early universe, so called because they cover their faces, giving them a weeping appearance, to prevent trapping themselves in stone form for eternity.


Weeping angel

The Weeping Angel


The Weeping Angels looked like stone statues of humanoid women with wings. (DW:Blink) When Angels became older or grew weaker, they appeared to wear away as a normal statue naturally would over many years. This wearing would become so severe that they did not look like their original forms anymore, losing their wings and becoming more like a typical statue of significant age.

These older Weeping Angels did not have the same speed as their 'healthy' counterparts,but were just as deadly. (DW: The Time of Angels) The Angels in Flesh and Stone were shown to be stone when not moving, as well as making grinding stone noises when moving. In Blink, the Angels are silent throughout and are suggested not to have the same form when unseen. This may suggest they were in a mid-way state and their completely active form is different.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Weeping Angels had the ability to move creatures back through time with a touch. This allowed them to consume the potential energy from the time the victims could have had alive had the Angels not transported the victim back in time. The Angels were able to move people through both space and time, as Kathy were touched in London, but ended up inHull, while Billy Shipton was touched inside a parking garage, but arrived in 1969 in an outdoor location. (DW: Blink) Besides feeding on this potential energy, they could also feed on other types of energy, such as the radiation given off by a Galaxy-class Star Liner or the electrical energy in electronics. (DW: The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone) This also caused lights to flicker, making it easier to use their quantum-locking. (DW: Blink, The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone)